well this is exciting.....

Why hello people I don't even know! Maybe I do know you though, who knows. This is my first ever post, and I am very excited about it. No, really. I am very ecstatic about this blog. As you may or may not have known, I have about a minimal of 10 blogs in my life and I have never really committed to any of them. That may be because I have forgotten about having it, or the password, or the username, or I just don't like the username anymore. This time, I do want to be serious and stay with this blog forever (forever is a big word).

Yes, this blog started because I have a Media Production class in Uni. However, I do want to keep this blog (oh my lord I keep on repeating myself) and well, I can't really say that this is a specifically-themed blog, but I will post about things mostly about fashion and photography, with the occasional my-life-or-thoughts-in-words. All the fashion and photography will mostly be credited to none other than myself, because I do want to sort of, showcase my work (or outfits, in that sense) and all that... Not really. You get the point.

Let's all pray that I will keep my commitment to this blog! Amen!

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