The best advice that I can give to anyone is to always randomly ask your friends when you're desperately drowning in your own tears because you just don't have anyone to accompany you to finally attend your favourite band's gig after 4 years of waiting very patiently. A few weeks ago, I almost gave up trying to find a gig buddy for Phoenix's concert because I knew nobody that loves the same bands as I do ...where I am now. Very luckily though, I have a blabby mouth and decided to randomly text Tara and just virtually cried at her. Fortunately, Tara wants to watch Phoenix despite the fact that she doesn't really listen to them. God bless blabby mouths. God bless Tara.

Anyway, fast-forwarding to the D-day...

I couldn't sleep, clearly. I mean, I'm finally watching Phoenix, and to weigh my brains even more, I had to think about all the tube station closures. They opted for the most perfect day to have the strike. Kudos to the unions involved. It did turn out, though, that when I arrived, there were literally... 0 people waiting. It was such a heavy contrast to when I watched Coldplay two months ago because I think a lot of people actually slept in line to get the front row. Yikes. So we thought, why wait in line if nobody's queueing? We went to Nando's instead to eat...chips.

We were too suspicious of the whole situation. Practically, we should've been glad that nobody was waiting in line so we can definitely be in the front row, but it made me so bloody anxious I just had to check up again. And whaddaya know. Turns out there WAS  a queue beside the venue which was really dark and literally everyone was wearing black. I rushed back to Nando's to call Tara and we ran like the wind to the queue.

ON TO THE ACTUAL EXCITING BITS.... (yes, with an 'S')

We got front row and we were literally in the middle. Best position ever. I did, however, get squished throughout the entire show but didn't even care because it was so much fun. I really loved seeing them live because they were so.. I wouldn't say interactive, but I'd say intimate with the audience. Thomas, especially, I mean. He went to the crowd for like four times.

The first time, he went to the people on my right, climbed the barricade and stood there singing Lasso and I was damn pissed, I mean I was in the middle but why the hell are those on the far corners getting all the juice on Thomas Mars? The second time, he went to the people on my left. "What the fucking hell?" I thought. Nevertheless, I managed to just enjoy the whole thing and stared my precious Deck D'Arcy who was straight on aligned in front of me.

Before we knew it, they were done. But everyone knows that they'd be back for an encore. So the third time, he went to my direction and let me tell you, I kind of froze and was so nervous that he's gonna come in front of me and yes, people, he did. He climbed the barricade right in front of me and actually sat on the barricade in front of me. IN FRONT OF ME. I couldn't emphasise this enough. He sat on the barricade where I was and we were literally 0 cm from each other. It was surreal. After settling himself in the awkward position, he sang my favourite song with my favourite version, Countdown, acoustically. I couldn't stop listening to that song for months and months and there he was, 0 cm from me, singing my song. I sang so loudly and looked like a complete lunatic, I predict, and I've only realised this after watching the videos that Tara recorded. Anyway, I sang so loudly that Thomas looked at me in the eyes and I swear he looked so lovely and happy and actually gave the mic to me to sing. He did. He flippin' did. Although it was only for a second or so. It was the most magical moment I've ever had in my life, quite honestly. I even held his hand. HAHAHAHAHA.

After playing nineteen songs, (Wow, that's a whole lot?!?) they finally left the stage for real. As per usual, I stayed in the front row, hoping to get a setlist from the crew. Before the show started, I managed to figure out that there were two types of crews; Phoenix's crew (which were French) and the English show/venue/something crew. The English crew were all so grumpy and every time people ask for a setlist they just simply say, "nope sorry I don't/can't have them." I figured, why not practise my French skills and ask the French crew directly instead? So I waited for the French crew, which were all wearing Phoenix jackets and cool attire and there was finally one tidying up all the bits and bobs on the floor, where the setlist lied. "Je pourrais avoir la setlist, s'il vous plait?!?" I shouted. It took me a few times to get the French guy's attention. He looked at me and grabbed a setlist, but he gave it to one of the English crew guy and gestured at me, instructing him to clearly give it to me. But no. A lot of people on my left reached out their hands to grab the setlist and I was overpowered by their hands and the stupid English guy gave it to those bunch of people. I shouted my French sentence again, asking for the setlist to the French guy and I successfully caught his attention and he grabbed the setlist and kept pointing at me this time, because people started reaching out their hands again to grab the bloody setlist. But of course, since he kept on pointing at me, everybody got the picture and I received the setlist!!!!

Everything I wanted happened, everything I wished for came true. This is probably the first time that has ever happened.

Fifth of February, 2014 = best day of my life.