Go-to outfit

Zara leather jacket | H&M ripped jeans Converse 70s style | Gianfranco Ferre cross-body bag

We all have those days where we just don't know what to wear (well, for me, this is most days of my life). This was an example of one of those many days. In this particular outfit, I seem to have combined ALL of the most basic of pieces that I pick up every single week. Wear them altogether, et voila, the solution to all your worries! You get the easiest, most effortless outfit.

Band t-shirt

I always gravitate towards my band t-shirts when this happens. And to be completely honest, also when I want to be comfortable or when I want to look cool... or all three! A band tee, to me, is just the stone that kills the two birds. Or in this case, three.

I love this Bowie t-shirt that my boyfriend spotted in Manchester.

(Ripped) Jeans

Throw on a pair of ripped jeans, and you are literally sorted. I have been obsessed with these ones from H&M that I picked up a couple of months ago. Describing these jeans actually sound like the perfect jeans to me - cropped, relaxed, straight-leg fit with (uniquely shaped) rips. If I am completely honest, I do wish it's like a couple of cm's shorter. But I think that's my unrealistic-taste-in-trousers' fault. I always want everything cropped but I don't quite have the height for it.

Leather Jacket

With this sort of rock and roll-ish outfit, doesn't it just make the most perfect sense to pair it with a leather jacket? I chose this particular, more long-line leather jacket because I tried to match the length to the t-shirt. It just adds a hint of interest to an outfit.


If I could give an award for a pair of shoes, I would give it to the classic, high top chucks. If I could marry a pair of shoes, I would marry the classic, high top chucks. The actual simplest pair of shoes that can magically transform an outfit, in a way.

I've been in love with these 70s style ones, though. It has a thicker sole and overall just so much more comfortable than the usual??! Magic.