glossier, ranked.

Does the world need yet another review on Glossier? I don't think so. And I'm sure you would agree. But there is something about this brand that intrigued me (and thousands of other people) so much. Despite being a makeup addict, I'm not one to want every single product in at least 3 shades from a certain brand. Even from my ultimate favourite. I never would have thought that someone could change that. That's why I want to share my thoughts on the products that I've tried so far. 

I have ranked the products from the best (in my opinion) to my least favourite.

>> If you are looking for swatches and a demo of Glossier on medium-tan + blemished skin, I am going to upload a video of that on my YouTube channel, so stay tuned and subscribe!

Glossier review medium skin rubbersouled bunga atikha

1. boy brow

I really thought everyone was just overhyping this product because can a brow gel really be that good and different from the others? Apparently... Yes. It really is different from your conventional brow gel that, as the name suggests, has a gel-like texture. The Boy Brow is more like a pomade in a tube. Not only does it keep the brow hairs in place to create that brushed up, bushy look, but it beefs up your existing brow hairs, while also slightly filling in those gaps. 

I used to think that I already found my perfect brow gel, which is the Maybelline Brow Precise Fiber, because It allows you to just use this one product for your brows and be done for the day. But I find it sometimes makes my brows look crazy and unruly because of the fibres (but great for those with really thin or sparse brows!). The Boy Brow gives a nice balance to the brows. Use it alone, and your brows will look naturally full.

2. cloud paint

It's actually nothing too special, but I really do find myself really enjoying using this product. Probably partly because of its incredibly cute packaging that just throws me back to when I used to love painting. Years and years ago. I'm not too much of a blush girl but this gives the most natural finish. It blends in your skin so well, you really can't see any product on the skin. But, you can also build it up if you like your blush to pop more.

Puff gives you a healthy, natural flush, despite the colour looking a bit Barbie-ish when you squeeze it on your fingertips. While Haze is a nice berry colour. I have tried Dusk, everyone's favourite, but it doesn't show up on my medium-tan skin. 

The packaging could be better though, as I find it difficult to get the right amount of product out of the tube. You have to be reaaally careful not to squeeze too much. 

Glossier review medium skin rubbersouled bunga atikha

3. generation g

The most unique, wearable lipstick formula I have ever encountered. At first, I was a bit sceptical because I do not like sheer lipsticks. But I was proven wrong. It is definitely more pigmented than I thought. Granted, I do have the shades Zip and Crush, which are the brighter colours of the bunch. But even Leo definitely shows up on my dark, ashy lips. 

This is the ultimate cool girl / i don't give a fuck about my appearance but I manage to look cool lipstick. Because when applied on the lips, it manages to give your lips that blotted look. Probably because unlike other sheer lipsticks that are usually a more satin or shiny finish, this is matte.


4. stretch concealer

Another cult favourite, but happens to be my least favourite of the bunch. I really want to like this because I do actually love the texture and formulation of the concealer that blends seamlessly with the skin, or maybe it only seems like it because it's so sheer? 

The shades skip a lot from one to another, but because it's so sheer you might be able to get away with using the closest match to your skin. I have the shade Medium, and it's too light for me. Granted, I'm not really into highlighting my under eyes. I find that because it's lighter than my skin tone it just emphasises the darkness of my circles even more than it should. 

Glossier on medium tan skin review rubbersouled

And there you go. Those are my thoughts on the products that I've tried. I really do admire this brand because I think it's one of the first brands to bring something new to the table of the beauty industry. Hence the reason why sooo many people love it! I highly recommend you try and order something from them because they really do care about the experience of consuming the brand to their customers. Oops, sorry I went all academic there lol.

Next up is my review on the skin / body care products. So again, stay tuuuned!