a leap of faith.

rubbersouled bunga atikha

After 9 years of blogging and changing URLs, I think we can all agree that it is time to settle, and finally be (a little bit more) consistent for once.

Welcome to my new website. 

rubbersouled bunga atikha

I recently got a kick of inspiration in my stomach, my eyes, my brain... everywhere. And it was all inspired by my recent encounter with one of my favourite bloggers, Lizzy Hadfield from Shot From The Street. Long story short, my friend, Ameze, won a competition with H&M where she gets to have a personal styling session with Lizzy. I was chosen as her +1 for the day and I basically choked on my Deliveroo'd pasta. 

I learned so many things from this experience. I was assured that this thing is nowhere near as easy as people think. People always say that this whole blogging thing is easy, and that bloggers do not deserve the amount of money and attention that they got, but dude... you really need to experience and try it by yourself. I was struggling to even post one outfit a week, let alone every single day?! 

But what is most important is that I realised how fashion (and beauty) marketing is what I want to do. I was so interested in all the different sides of it. The brand's side, the influencer's side, and even the photographer's side! When you can imagine yourself in any role like this, I think that's when you know that it's the one for you. It is actually the dream that I have been envisioning for the past couple of years. 

I am still completing my Master's degree, so it is not really the time to have a job in this field yet. But why not channel that interest in a blog? Which is something personal, and something that I have loved doing since a pretty early age. 

not yer bebe-6.jpg

What I wore...

Good Girl Gang T-Shirt
ASOS Deconstructed Jeans
Adidas Stan Smith

I have already given away how long I have been doing this for, but I have to admit.. I was not the most consistent person at it, at all. Mostly because I was doing it as a hobby, and come on.. I was an unstable, hormonal teenager (not that I'm not an unstable, hormonal adult now). 

I have just realised now, aged 22, that at the age of 13, I have already already realised my passion and interests. 13 was the age where I got into blogging, photography, as well as vlogging. I did try to do all of these but I gave up after a couple of years.

I gave up photography and kind of gave up blogging because I didn't see as much success as those that I look up to. I gave up vlogging before I even posted my own vlog because I was scared of failing, being disappointed in myself, and knowing that I am not as good as I thought / wished.

It was (one of) the biggest mistake(s) of my life.

rubbersouled bunga atikha

I don't want to make this any longer than it already is - but take my words. Don't let the fear of failure get the better of you. 

It really does hurt to see how blogging and vlogging has blown up over the past few years. It hurts to see that if I didn't give up, I probably could be one of those people that I envy every single day.

But I am not giving up. Not just yet, my friend.

I know everyone thinks that the blogging/vlogging world is saturated, but I at least want to mend my mistakes and at least try.

So yeah. Cheers to a new beginning.

Pray that I would still have this positive mindset for years to come.

Photos taken by Phil Walsh.