What I Wore - Summer Holiday in Europe

I did it. I finally went to Europe after 4 years of living right across the sea of this beautiful continent. Even though I am supposed to be doing my dissertation this summer, I figured I should work a little bit harder to find the time to travel too when places like Paris is only a 2 hour train ride away. 

Anyway, enough with all the waffling, this post is all about what I wore in this trip. My main, biggest issue with traveling (heck, probably my general life issue) is not knowing what to wear, or in this case, pack. I wasn't sure what clothes I should be packing because in my head I'm thinking "well.. it's July. It should be hot." but in reality, it could be hotter, it could be colder. So I literally went on the weather app, jotted down the average temperature for each day in all the cities that I was visiting. Yes, I was that dedicated.

Did that plan work? Nah. Not really.

But this is kind of the point of the post. I wanted to give you my tips on outfit planning and what to do when things don't go to plan.

rubbersouled europe holiday vacation packing

Arriving in Paris

I started off the trip with Paris as it was pretty easy to get to, like I said, only a 2 hour train away! So I wore the comfiest pieces that I have, which also happen to be the heaviest (jeans and trainers), so that I could save up some weight from my suitcase.

rubbersouled europe holiday vacation packing

Sightseeing in Paris

I have actually been to Paris twice, so this would be my third. Unlike most people, I still wanted to go sightseeing, which could only mean one thing - lots of pictures will be taken. So I thought.. This is the time to chuck on your nicest outfit. However, it was a little bit too cold to just wear my vinyl skirt + quirky t-shirt + bare legs combo, so I had to pair it with my bomber jacket and tights.

I packed this particular skirt because a) it looks nice b) it's versatile - can be worn when it's hot(ish) AND when it's cold because they still look good with tights.

rubbersouled europe holiday vacation packing tips

Still sightseeing

Like I said before, I have planned outfits literally for every single day. This outfit was probably the most far off from what I planned. I wanted to wear this top with shorts so I can showcase the colour and silhouette, but it was an unexpectedly cold day again. I had the choice between black trousers or these blue jeans. I chose the blue because my jacket is black already. I wanted to make the outfit a bit less lacklustre by using a brighter colour. It is supposed to be my summer holiday, after all.

rubbersouled europe holiday vacation packing tips

Paris - Amsterdam Chill Days

I always tried to avoid wearing the same top twice, but sometimes a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do (read: laziness).

I think these outfits still look different because not only did I pair it with a different jacket, bottoms and footwear, I tucked out the T-shirt to create a different look.

Oh, I actually went to Amsterdam in Day 5 and it was definitely colder and more windy up there.

rubbersouled europe holiday packing tips
rubbersouled europe holiday packing tips
rubbersouled europe holiday packing tips

Brussels - not Ibiza.

We were supposed to go to Ibiza, but ended up going to Brussels instead. I know, a pretty stark difference. But I didn't mind because I just want to explore somewhere with my best friend!

And yes, I can say that because it didn't cost us much to go there lol.

It's always good to prepare comfy items like T-shirts because you will have days where that's all you want to wear, and comfortable is all you want to be. This is exactly how I felt for my days in Brussels because I know that I will just be chilling with a good friend while I'm there. 

A tip is to pack T-shirts that have some sort of unique detail to it. For example the striped t-shirt with a V-neck and choker detail above. And I packed this Hamburg T-Shirt from Topshop that has this chain and ribbon detailing on the side. 

With the outfit on the right, I wore (or borrowed, hehe) this cap to add a little interest to my pretty plain outfit. 

rubbersouled europe holiday packing tips


I guess this is the place where I'm happiest with my clothes. Because I was well prepared for this kind of weather. This was the weather that I expected in every other city! Of course I was wrong, but now you can learn from my mistakes I guess.

rubbersouled europe holiday packing tips

Okay look. The moral of the story here is that when traveling to Europe, especially in the early days of summer, don't be too optimistic (well, except when you're exclusively going to places like Spain and Italy). I'm just telling you the truth here! Bring at least two jackets (more, preferably) because trust me, you will get bored of wearing the same one pretty much every single day. Maybe bring two different colours that are still neutral, if that's your jam. 

If you know that you're going for a super chill holiday, then maybe you can get away with packing as little as possible, just because you know you will do some shopping and you want to be able to fit all of that in your suitcase.

But sometimes you'll just never know what the European weather will offer! So it's better to be prepared.


To my friends Patty, Hanie, Owen, Dira and Phil - thank you for taking these pictures and sorry for actually forcing you into it lol