dresses don't have to be girly

rubbersouled grunge chic dr martens dress
rubbersouled grunge chic dr martens dress

You're probably wondering how on earth I am wearing a dress in this dreadful weather.

Well.. it's obviously because my stupid university could not be any slower in simply replying their students' request to unblock a website (Squarespace) from their e-mail accounts. Does that even make sense? 

ANYWAY. I can finally post these photos that I've been holding back from posting because I didn't have my website for ages. Yeah. That's my excuse.

rubbersouled grunge chic dr martens dress

What I wore...

ASOS Dress
Quay Sunglasses
Dr. Martens boots

This was taken in pretty much one of the hottest days of the annual two-week summer that we have here in England. If I were to document all of the outfits that I wear everyday in a blog post, ideally, this day would be me, naked. Because it's that. Fucking. Hot.

But, I do still have some decency in me and I chose to wear this cute dress I bought on ASOS. I wasn't sure if I should keep it because the lace choker detail is an ABSOLUTE FAFF. Only buy this dress if you are willing to sacrifice an hour into your day just to do up your dress. 

rubbersouled grunge chic dr martens dress

I really would NOT normally buy such a feminine, flowery, RED dress (I hate the colour red). But this lace choker detail just won me over as you normally see this feature in a t-shirt. But most importantly, it made the dress much more grungy. I immediately saw myself pairing this dress with some Docs to complete the look.

Now that I've said it, the flower print isn't actually THAT girly. It looks more like Paisley print to me. In a distance. I used to be obsessed with Psychedelic music and everything 60's, so that just about does it for me. 

I think it's these twists that just makes your style different. That's one thing I learned from Megan Ellaby, one of my style inspirations. Wear things that you wouldn't normally wear, that has a twist that makes it more you. And you'll have an outfit / clothing item that's pretty unique every time!

Photos taken by Phil Walsh.