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What I Wore - Summer Holiday in Europe

My main, biggest issue with traveling is not knowing what to wear, or in this case, pack. I wasn't sure what clothes I should be packing because in my head I'm thinking "well.. it's July. It should be hot." but in reality, it could be hotter, it could be colder.

I share the outfits that I wore on a trip to Europe during the summer, and of course some tips and tricks that I have and have learnt from this trip!

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Go-to outfit

We all have those days where we just don't know what to wear (well, for me, this is most days of my life). This was an example of one of those many days. In this particular outfit, I seem to have combined ALL of the most basic of pieces that I pick up every single week. Wear them altogether, et voila, the solution to all your worries! You get the easiest, most effortless outfit.

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