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What I Wore - Summer Holiday in Europe

My main, biggest issue with traveling is not knowing what to wear, or in this case, pack. I wasn't sure what clothes I should be packing because in my head I'm thinking "well.. it's July. It should be hot." but in reality, it could be hotter, it could be colder.

I share the outfits that I wore on a trip to Europe during the summer, and of course some tips and tricks that I have and have learnt from this trip!

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Let's face it - life gets pretty boring when you've only got a few friends and you're bloody homesick. The next best thing to do? Visit your best friend, of course! Especially when that also means traveling - the best of both worlds! On my last reading week, I decided to visit Prinka. She lives in Canterbury so I gave her a little visit since she's been to London several times already. Since it's really small there, we decided to visit neighbouring towns such as Whitstable and Dover.

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